Fock the Koontz

mai 23, 2012

The best movie of the year made by the people who brought you Little Fockers. The experts in witty alternative spellings bring you now Fock the Koontz, where „oo” reads like in blood, get it? A hilarious family friendly adventure with five twists that leave you guessing and a surprise ending you’ll never anticipate: Little Focker’s best friend, D. Ildo, get it? actually killed himself!!!

Following the tragic death of his entire family, Little Focker is remodeling his summer cottage when a tape left by absolutely nobody reveals that his best friend was tortured and killed by a group of disgruntled Iraq war veterans who were brainwashed in a cruel and deadly government plot to transform America in a war-raging theocracy for the benefit of big military corporations. He swears revenge but first he must win a dance contest in which the participants must also be good spellers. He teams with his ex-girlfriend who is secretly a zombie vampire from the future and from another planet. To escape her dominant father and reclusive mother, they must abandon their life of luxury in suburbia and travel to Sao Paulo, Moscow, Seoul, Minsk, Beijing, Knoxville, Shanghai, Pretoria, Osaka and Hillsdale, Michigan. With everything on the line, they learn ancient martial arts and fall in love, but Little Focker does not reveal his dark secret: he is actually a robot, from the future and from another planet, whose heart used to belong to a teenage stripper killed by incompetent mobsters by mistake. In their fantastic Odyssey, they foil the killing spree of the DC Sniper, John Allen Muhammad, a White Christian fundamentalist and receive advice from the ghosts of Little Focker’s slain family. When they finally arrive at the dance competition, a stranger locks them in a basement and announces that he will slay one of them every day until either they solve Gödel’s incompleteness theorems in a novel way or make sense of the plot in Vantage Point. Nothing is what it seems in this dreadful and charming animated spy mystery featuring blood-thirsty vampires, robot monkeys, talking dogs and Bollywood dancing numbers.

Pedro Almodovar writes and directs this colorful, romantic and tragic Cannes nominated thriller which paints a bleak image of post 9/11 paranoid America. A remake of last year’s remake with the same title and screenplay, but now with a very implausible happy ending, starring Ellen Page, Natalie Portman, Anne Hathaway, Zenza Raggi, Scarlett Johansson, Keira Knightley, Megan Fox, and Danny de Vito as Robert de Niro. Rated PG-13 for extreme gore and violence, drug use, sexually-oriented nudity, smoking, and unhealthy eating habits. In 3-D everywhere.


Note muzicale in ordine alfabetica

septembrie 23, 2011









Deci cum se scriie corect

mai 5, 2011

Deci cum se zice corect: un transexual sau o transexual?

Crisprostograma calui Mircea Popescu

iunie 2, 2010

Care e un tampit. Da nu astai subiectu acestei postari deci sa ne abtinem. Subiectul e crisprosogramele lui Mircea Popescu care sunt tampite. Da astai pe bune. Rog seriozitate. Capoi va spun si solutia si vo si explic ca parca vad ca nuva duce mintea.

0.5 x s

Carei tema? Placaj. Si e din trei silabe. Da depinde de cum numeri ca cateodata la Mircea Popescu asta 2 e 4 sau 1 sau chiar 2 da mai rar.

Rezultate la Bac 2009 din toate judetele

iulie 8, 2009

Amfibieni din Irlanda:

– Rana temporaria

– Epidalea calamita


– Lisotriston vulgaris vulgaris

Stiati ca?

iunie 9, 2009

Antonimu lui sinonim e antonim da sinonimu lui antonim nu e sinonim?

Deci cutremur

aprilie 25, 2009

Sa nu uit sa bag un post cu cutremuru ca nu mai din astea o sa fie maine in top.